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Mountains - highly lifted over plains and sharply dismembered sites of a terrestrial surface having considerable differences of heights. In mountain height can reach several kilometres. From adjoining plains of mountain are delimited by an accurate line of a sole of a slope or have foothills. Usually mountains form rectilinear or bow-shaped raisings.

Depending on the areas occupied with mountains, their structure and age allocate mountain belts, ranges, highlands, mountain ridges and the raisings of smaller rank divided by intermountain falls which combination gives various types of a partition of mountains: parallel, radial, plumose, кулисное, branchy, trellised, etc.

Mountains are formed in tectonic active areas. By origin mountains are subdivided on tectonic, erosive, volcanic.

Basic elements of a mountain relief are tops, crests, alignment surfaces, slopes, river valleys. On absolute height and shape of mountain are subdivided into high mountains, medium mountains and low mountains.

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Fantastic sunset in mountains
Fantastic sunset in mountains