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Spring clouds — as white cranes; they soar highly and freely. Summer clouds — as mighty peaks; they cast lead, hang all weight and incessantly change shape. Autumn clouds — as ripples on a smooth surface of waters; they run up thin паутинкой and are shone by a heavenly azure. Winter clouds, — as if washouts of the hulk and the thick veil cover all sky.

Clouds happen such: leaving gorge; blowing as a cold; the sunset. After clouds there are fogs, and fogs happen such: рассветные; the far; condensed from a cold. After fogs goes a smoke, and a smoke happens such: the morning; the evening: the easy. After дымкой there are evaporations. And evaporations happen such; river, sunset, kept away.

And in general all clouds, fogs, smokes and evaporations reveal heavenly open space and mighty mountains, high peaks and the remote trees in a picture. Who will learn them to draw, will manage to represent the refined source of all things.

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Fantastic sunset in mountains
Fantastic sunset in mountains