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Sergey Belikov
Sergey Belikov


Hello. This is a site of the Russia photographer - Sergey Belikov. I live and I work in Moscow. Most part of free time i spend on travel on the World.

My photos, photo-texts and photo-news are in photo section.

Places of my travel - tourist reports, diaries, cards and another.

I training in yoga a lot of years. Yoga - it is not a complex of exercises for body. Yoga - is the Way to freedom.

In Moscow, i work as the industrial climber. What we doing: we mount the outdoor advertising and metal designs, lift cargoes and furniture, cleaning windows, help to organise show, do rigging and another.

If you want more information about me - come into section about me. To communicate with me - write me the letter.



18.07.08 - 20.08.08 Across Altai on the bicycle

1300 km on bicycles on republic Mountain Altai. Our track: Biisk - lake Teletskoe- river Chulyshman - Aktash - Chujsky trakt - river Katun - Tjungur - Multa - Multinsky lakes - Ust-Coksa - Ust-Kan - Besh-Ozek - Uluscherga - Komar - Altayskoe - Biisk.